a D8 with F8

by F8

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[Recorded 1997]
This is the first audio atrocity by F8. This debut incarnation was recorded straight to analog 4-track, semi-improvised single takes, no overdubs or post-prod(!). Dirty, grindy, boomy, lo-fi madness.

With V.O.D (Voice Of Destruction) on hold, the members on different continents, drummer Paul got itchy to create some tunes. Hence he became Pablo Priest, venturing into a musical realm completely dependent on his input alone - no pressure or obligation to stick to a certain sound, style, genre or identity.

The plinky-plonky mess-around on the new bass guitar had to head somewhere. It ended up getting its first immortalizing on these live 4-track recordings at 50 Bloem Street, home of Jules & Vern. Here the bedroom studio of Jules tasted the first incarnation which would end being F8.
Neighbours aside, the volume had to be cranked. Drum patterns were programmed & run, the rest pretty much improvised over it. Just the simplistic idea of a main riff became the basics, Jules punching in sample soundFX & Vern belching vocals and Paul adding screams where it was deemed fit (ie. anywhere!).

With a so-fucking-what attitude there were no thoughts of ever releasing the cacophony songs like "I'm A Booza!" and "The Nellie Song", which was just plain Saturday afternoon fun (while others watched rugby or beat people up at beach barbecues). "Kept us out of trouble" as the old folk would say. But, it couldn't have come to its original fruition without the cheap Vodka aide!
But the lo-fi psychosis, chaos-with-a-semblance-of-structure resulted in "!!speeed!!", "Dr Faustus", "Karnival DeGrind" and "Vernie Get Me A Drink" becoming the definitive first tracks to comprise A D8 WITH F8.

Paul's symmetry obsession when it comes to logo design (see his V.O.D and Terminatryx logos), the balanced F and 8 combo was obvious, and got realized in these very early days.

Logo and cover design by Paul Blom


released December 12, 1997

Written & Produced by Paul Blom (except Dr Faustus lyrics written by Werner Offner)
Recorded & Co-Produced by Julian Oosthuizen

Paul Blom: bass guitar, drum programming, vocals & screams
Werner Offner: vocals & screams
Julian Oosthuizen: samples, loops, screams



all rights reserved


F8 Cape Town, South Africa

in 1997 V.O.D drummer Paul bought a bass guitar while the band was touring Europe (with Katatonia and In The Woods). On returning to South Africa he started creating music on his own terms, with no restrictions. Anything goes. Coining the term Tekno-Grind for this solo project (which only utilizes bass guitars), the initial intention for what it would sound like resulted in an eclectic beast! ... more

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Track Name: !!!speeed!!!
(a variety of screams)
Track Name: Dr Faustus
Mostly improvised, you'll have to track Werner down and ask him what all the lyrics are(!)
Or, get Svankmajer's fantastic movie, you won't regret it!
Track Name: Vernie, Get Me A Drink!
Vernie! Vernie! Get me a drink!
(It's on the table!)
Vernie! Vernie! Get me a drink you fucker!
(A vodka-lemonade or a schnappsie?)
Track Name: Karnival DeGrind