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[Recorded 1999]
During 1999 Paul spent a lot of time in Johannesburg (Gauteng) - chances were big of a move there from his born & bred Cape Town. That never happened. While many songs were conceived during this period, none were recorded. The only recordings made were strictly electronic tracks, no bass, no vocals.
The 5 songs were created during a sample / loop / sequence experimentation.
With vocal inspiration absent in the light of these electronic explorations, the idea dawned to make it a themed concept trip around Addictions - each song trapping a mood or feeling relating to some of the addictions which make up the larger part of our human existence, including:

ReBeFa (Religion / Belief / Faith)
LoSeLu (Love / Sex / Lust)
MoGreGa (Money / Greed / Gambling)
NaPhAlDru (Narcotics / Pharmaceuticals / Alcohol / Drugs)
DeOpDoCo (Destruction / Oppression / Domination / Corruption)

They are all pretty self explanatory and the listener can glean from it, or project onto it what they may. Some elements reflect the mood of these addictions from ominous to elated, while for instance the mission with a track like "MoGreGa" was to create the cheapest, crappiest song possible, and "DeOpDoCo" to spin off the rails.

Believing people are free to choose their own destinies and battles, while neither an indictment or praising any of these, it merely attributes a sound to them.
Some are dance-able, some rage-able, some reflective and pensive.

While it is all digital, it has a grit to it, partially because it was not a file transfer or USB linked device, but rather recorded via analog into the DAW (digital audio workstation).

Logo & cover design by Paul Blom


released November 22, 1999

Programmed, sequenced, produced, recorded, mixed & mastered by Paul Blom



all rights reserved


F8 Cape Town, South Africa

in 1997 V.O.D drummer Paul bought a bass guitar while the band was touring Europe (with Katatonia and In The Woods). On returning to South Africa he started creating music on his own terms, with no restrictions. Anything goes. Coining the term Tekno-Grind for this solo project (which only utilizes bass guitars), the initial intention for what it would sound like resulted in an eclectic beast! ... more

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Track Name: ReBeFa (Religion / Belief / Faith)
Track Name: LoSeLu (Love / Sex / Lust)
Track Name: MoGreGa (Money / Greed / Gambling)
Track Name: NaPhAlDru (Narcotics / Pharmaceuticals / Alcohol / Drugs)
Track Name: DeOpDoCo (Destruction / Oppression / Domination / Corruption)